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SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 2-1-2008)

Maintanence release.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 8-1-2007)

Windows Vista maintanence release.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 5-1-2007)

 Added hardware DEP support for Windows Vista.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 3-1-2007)

Added gssapi-keyex authentication support to the SSH protocol

Implemented "diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256"

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 1-15-2007)

General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 10-15-2006)

Corrected a problem printing two ampersands (&&) in sequence.

General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 6-26-2006)


Implemented SSL support for the OCSP client.  If the Global responder url contains https, OCSP will now use ssl for the connection.


Implemented keyboard tabbing for the dynamic views.  A control-tab key sequence will select the next sequential tabbed view.


Corrected a problem with the SFTP client when the host SFTP server closes the SFTP logical connection (channel).  The SFTP client will now be disconnected, and an error message will be displayed.


Removed the older kerberos 5 and SRP authentication from the SSH protocol.  The kerberos 5 authentication has been replaced by the GSSAPI-Kerberos 5 authentication. SRP is now depreciated and is not supported in current SSH servers.


Removed FIPS support.


General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 4-15-2006)


Implemented FIPS140-2 certification and compliance.  Refer to the FIPS140-2 page for validation certificate and
security policy.


Implemented full X509v3 SSH certificate authentication, compatible with the OpenSSH server (modified by Roumen Petrov X509 patch), and the SSH Data Communications Tectia 5.x server.


User certificates used for authentication.


Support for host certificate keys.


Complete crl revocation processing with LDAP and OCSP responder support.


In addition to the normal host certificate revocation checking, the host server certificate can be accepted by a user specified certificate pattern match.  If the host certificate is valid, has not been revoked, and passes the pattern match, the connection is accepted.


Elimates the known_hosts file and associated problems encountered by large organizations.


All certificates are stored in the Microsoft cryptoapi stores. End user certificates can be specifically selected from the cryptoapi store, by host.

Complete support for both RSA and DSA based certificates.

Added the ability to specify a default host profile in an url which is used to start SNetTerm and connect to a host from a browser or Windows shortcut.

Added view only support and other enhancements to the contributed neted program.  This program supports editing/viewing of ascii and binary Unix files on the client workstation.  The client view/edit program is selected based upon the file extension. Edited/Viewed files are transferred automatically to/from the Unix host with zmodem.

Added support for starting .lnk files by a Quick Button.

Corrected a Windows/Unix line end problem when the netedit program is used with SNetTerm.

Corrected an autowrap problem in the SCO emulation.

General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 2-3-2006)


Added support multiple items drap/drop in the Profile Manager.


General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 11-15-2005)


Added support for Microsoft Windows 2003/SP1 server.


General maintenance.

NetTerm 5.2.0 Production Release (Updated 11-15-2005)


Added support for Microsoft Windows 2003/SP1 server.


Corrected a leading space problem on clipboard copy when the text is selected with the double left mouse click.


General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 10-15-2005)


Added dynamic tab views.  This allows for multiple host connections in the same program window.  Dynamic tab views can be enable/disabled in the view menu item.  The Views-Window Tab Bar must be enabled prior to enabling dynamic tab views. The Window Tab Bar will contain a tab for each connected host, and is used to switch between connected hosts.


Added mouse wheel vertical scrolling support.


Added large icon (24x24) support for the main toolbar, in additon to the current small icons (16x16).


Corrected a problem with the horizonal scroll bar in horizonal scrolling mode.


General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 9-1-2005)


The printer paper tray and paper size is now saved on program exit and restored on program startup.  The paper size and tray can be selected in the File-Print Setup menu item and in the Global Settings Printer dialog.


Function keys can now be programmed with the ability to start local workstation programs and execute menu items, just like the QuickButton keys.


Enhanced the builtin SSH file transfer client.


Added the ability to size the Profile Manager dialog panel.


Added additional control bar color themes, including olive and silver.


Added the ability to define the control bars, window color scheme and window title on a host by host basis, as well as the current global option.  This new option is in the Advanced Host Settings-Terminal- Windows Options dialog.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 8-15-2005)


Added tooltips to the QuickButtonBar and QuickButtonPad.


Corrected a problem with the SSH-2 Keyboard Interactive/PAM change password procedure.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 8-1-2005)


Changed the QuickButtonBar to support 4 sets of 8 buttons.  The QuickButtonBar displays 1 set of 8 buttons, with the ability to switch to any 1 of the four possible sets.


Added a new QuickButtonPad to support 4 sets of 8 buttons.  The QuickButtonPad will display all four sets simultaneously.


Added support for SSH-2 RSA based host keys.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 7-19-2005)


Corrected a connect problem on dialup and direct connect hosts.


Added automatic scrolling to the host profile tree window when dragging folders/hosts to locations not visible.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 5-1-2005)


Added support for SSH PAM Keyboard-Interactive authentication. This allows for password authentication on SuSE and FreeBSD systems which has the normal password authentication disabled by default.


Added internal support for the OTP algorithms sha1 and rmd160, as well as the current md4 and md5 algorithms.


Added the ability to toggle logging on/off from the View menu.

NetTerm Production Release (Updated 4-26-2005)

Removed the netftpd program from the standard distribution. The netftpd.exe program was a free limited purpose ftp server program added to our NetTerm product, at the request of our clients. Its purpose was to allow limited file transfers of data in a controlled environment.

It has been reported that the netftpd.exe program has a potential security vulnerability. Therefore, we have decided to remove the netftpd.exe program from the standard NetTerm distribution, and recommend that this program not be used in current installations. The netftpd.exe file, located in the NetTerm installation directory, should be deleted.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 3-19-2005)


Enhanced the session logging facility, providing logging by host, enhanced logging file name support, automatic initiation of logging upon connect and the ability to toggle logging on/on during the session.


Added an optional window tab switcher control bar which will track multiple named instances of SNetTerm, and the ability to switch between SNetTerm windows with a simple mouse click.


Corrected a problem with the SSH Port Forwarding dialog when adding multiple port forwarding definations.


Corrected a problem with the SSH password authentication retry logic.


Corrected a problem with incorrectly displaying the trial period dialog when the program is registered upon initial installation with automated system administration methods.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 2-23-2005)


Removed Kerberos from the standard distribution.  SNetTerm now uses the MIT distribution, which can be downloaded from the MIT site. Refer to the downloads page, "SecureNetTerm, SNetTerm and SecureFTP Support Files".


Corrected a problem saving the userid/password to the site profile file, when it was not requested to do so.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 2-16-2005)


Added gssapi-with-mic support for Globus GSI-GSSAPI authentication.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 2-10-2005)

Enhanced the internal SFTP File Transfer client.


Added external-keyx support for Globus GSSAPI authentication. This allows for the userid to be left blank, which allows the host GSSAPI SSH server to map the certificate CN to the proper login userid.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 1-1-2005)

Added batch and interactive SFTP support.

Modified Installshield registry entries for enhanced distribution/installation on limited user accounts.

NetTerm Production Release (Updated 1-1-2005)

Changed copy/paste to include leading spaces.

Corrected problem with quick connect related to site names that contain spaces or dashes.

Maintenance release.

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